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Cumbia In Motion Festival!

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

We are pleased to announce that La Colombopercutiva invites you to be part of our Cumbia in Motion for Immigrants and Refugees Music Festival which will take place on Saturday October 5th from 3pm to 9pm at Columbia Heights Civic Plaza.

We are expecting this to be an afternoon full of activities, music and food catered for families and people of all ages from around Columbia Heights and D.C

La Colombopercutiva wants to celebrate the beauty of immigrants and refugees and we hope you celebrate with us.

The following artists and musicians will participate in this event:


Six musicians came together in the spring of 2014 with the goal of bringing people together through son and message. Since their formation, kino Musica has performed on large stages, in community centers, at national festivals, and in local hang-outs, playing music that brings souls together and telling stories that bring minds together.

More Information

OvejaNegra is an alternative music band that combines and collects the energy of the Amazonian, Andean and Villera tropical cumbia. Dusting classic 70's cumbia songs with the band's personal touch. The band consolidated in 2016 proposing variables of the biodiversity of Latin American musical folklore for the integration and delight of the Cumbianchera people of the center, south of the continent and the general public. Located in the metropolitan area of ​​Washington DC, it has members from different backgrounds and countries.

(Photojournalism, Documentary Photography and Video)

Roderico Y. Díaz, is an Indigenous Maya Kaqchiquel independent photojournalist and documentary videographer, Based between Guatemala and the U.S.

Over more a decade, his work has focused on documenting the movement led by indigenous Guatemala seeking justice for genocide and defending communities and natural resources from their ancestral lands. His current focuses on documenting the lives of Central American migrants living in the U.S.

La Colombopercutiva is a collective of immigrant musicians and cultural workers that strive to create bridges between the stories of resistance that gave birth to the sounds of cumbia with the stories of resistance of immigrants in the U.S. Our stories are manifested by La Cumbia Inmigrante or Immigrant Cumbia. La Colombo is working hard to bring you the most quality Cumbia sounds to the DMV area.

Duo Wayta

Traemos las papas y cebollas para hacer un caldo sudamericano lleno de Charango y Sikus, con musica del Abya Yala para nutrirnos juntos en son de respeto.

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